June 19, 2017

Welcome!! As you know our cats have been Quadruple Grand champions, Supreme Grand Champions and regional Winners.  These can be seen on the TICA website rankings.  You can follow the links below as well.  

Recently it has been pointed out to me by another Scottish Fold Breeder that a breeder in the Seattle, WA area is using my name to help prove their cats are show quality.   If you hear this from others please feel free to email us and we will always be happy to provide you with information and who we work with (which is not anyone in Seattle that breeds Scottish Folds lol)  

Also dont forget that all cats show points are available on the TICA website for anyone to view. So if someone is saying their cats are winners or show quality you can check the names of the Studs/Queens on TICA and see what kinds of points they have earned.  If the Breeder does not want to pass the name of their cats onto you, that should be a warning sign.  

We are happily awaiting a British Shorthair litter which is due to arrive in early August.  So far we have no Scottish Fold litters planned at this time, but you never know.....

Tilda and Cartman arrived safely from Russia a few weeks ago. They are still in quarantine at our home and should be out in time for their first TICA cat show on July 14th in Tacoma, WA.   Come and say hi.  We will also be showing Butters as well.   Here is a link to the site for the Cat Show information.   https://www.seacatsclub.com/