At Folders Scottish Folds all of our kittens leave with a contract.  The contract covers things such as health guarantees, declawing, updates and re-homing ect.  

Our kittens are free of parasites, worms and regardless of what some breeders say No these are not “normal” occurrences.

We offer a two year guarantee against congenital problems and we encourage new owners to take their kittens in for a health inspection when they get their new kitten. 

All kittens leave with their 1st and 2nd shots, de-wormed, altered (neutered /spayed) and have been seen by a vet.  Our adult cats are FeLv, FIV and PKD negative.  Kittens are also guaranteed against these diseases.   FeLv and FIP vaccination can potentate FIP and I do not vaccinate for these and I DO NOT guarantee the health of my kittens if they are vaccinated for these after going to their new owners. 

Kittens can be registered with TICA once you decide on their names.  I provide their litter registrations for this.  

We DO NOT take deposits for kittens in order for you to be placed on our waiting list.  Once you have been approved as a home by us and you have picked out your kitten a small non-refundable deposit is required to hold your kitten.

All potential new owners will be required to fill out the inquiry form and go through a screening process.  

Available Retired Cats/Kittens
None at this time. 
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