About Us

We are a small cattery in Cloverdale, British Columbia.  We are located about 20 minutes from the Peach Arch Border crossing in Washington State and about a 1 hours drive from Vancouver Airport.

Our cats our our pets, they sleep on the bed with us, trip us in the kitchen when we are making dinner, play on our computer keyboards and entertain us when we are watching television.  

Our cattery is registered with TICA (The International Cat Association).  Our goal is to provide people with pets that have superior temperaments and excellent health.  

The out-cross for our Scottish Folds that we have chosen is with the British Shorthair.  We love the plush coats and the round look of the Brits. We screen our Studs and Queens for HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomopathy) and PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease).  We NEVER breed two cats with folded ears together.  When that happens the kittns will develop crippling arthritis and other health issues.   We provide a 2 year replacement guarantee against fatal genetic diseases.  Every cattery has its share of mild kitten maladies so we keep our kittens until they are 14 to 16 weeks old to allow our kittens immune systems to mature prior to the stress of leaving their cat family to join their human families. For more information about proper age for adoption please visit this site :  www.breedlist.com/faq/young.html. 

We are also committed to socializing our kittens to people so they are loving and gentle.  We have 3 children who participate in this socialization so our kittens are familiar with children.  

Our kittens come with 1st and 2nd shots, deworming, a dose of Revolution and are spayed/neutered prior to leaving us. They are also registered with TICA like their parents.   All kittens come with contracts.

After the experience we had with having our cat Chester lost by Air Canada while being shipped to us and the fact we are concerned about the emotional welfare of our kittens, we are unwilling to ship them in the cargo hold of a plane.  We have many new kitten owners drive or fly for miles to pick up their new babies so they don't have to fly unaccompanied.   We will meet at Abbotsford, Vancouver or Seattle airports for a fee.  

We provide consultations about raising, maintaining, feeding and bedding and will answer all of your questions.  We hope that you will share our happiness and love towards this amazing breed!

For more information please visit our Application page.  


Scottish Fold Kitten - Scotty

British Shorthair Kitten -  Monty

Scottish Straight Kitten - Lilly